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“We’re delighted and proud to be working alongside Devon Carers, a group close to our heart and perfectly aligned with all we stand for” – Charlie Thorning-Curtis, Chairwoman, Westcountry Wasps.

The main driving force for their club has always been to create a safe environment in which people from all backgrounds, sexual orientations, demographics and abilities can come together to enjoy the beautiful game of Rugby Union.

This ethos of Westcountry Wasps is very much aligned to ours at Devon Carers and we are looking forward to working together to identify and support people who are looking after someone with a condition, disability or illness.

At Devon Carers, we give you the chance to meet and make friends with other carers, providing one another with mutual support and understanding. We also provide you with a variety of information and services to help with your caring role.

The quickest and easiest way to access Devon Carer’s services is to register with us. You can complete a full online registration by clicking here and you’ll be sent a Welcome pack and Carers ID card within 2 weeks.

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