How to access your Carer Ambassador email address

When you’re registered as a Carer Ambassador you will be given an email address for you to use in all communications as a Carer Ambassador. We will also use this as the primary method to send you information relating to your role as a Carer Ambassador. This also gives you access to tools like Microsoft Teams.

In the short video below, Andy shows you how to access the email address through a web browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. You could also add the email address to your own device, using the same email address and password. If you’re using an Apple or Android device there is a Microsoft Outlook app available for free through your app store or play store which will work really well with the Microsoft email address system we use.

To access your email address through the browser you can type in the address or click this link

The second video below shows you how to access and use the Outlook Calendar built into the email system.