Carers access to PPE from Devon County Council

Carers access to PPE from Devon County Council

Devon County Council have just announced their latest guidance on access to Personal protective equipment (PPE).

PPE provides some measure of protection against infection, injury, or risks to health and safety but cannot completely eliminate risk.

In health and social care, PPE will most commonly be things like gloves, aprons, and facemasks. More specialist PPE is used in situations of particularly high risk, for example, a doctor or nurse in a hospital setting will likely use full body overalls and fluid-repellent aprons as well as filtering face piece respirators and eye/face protection. This is in comparison to care, workers, where it is more likely that only aprons, gloves and facemask will be needed.

The supply of PPE that the Council and NHS have access to is so limited, we need to ensure that those at the greatest risk are supported first.

The supply of PPE is also not guaranteed. This is because other groups of people may need to be given priority access to PPE to minimise their risk and the risk they pose to others. At present, Devon County Council is only able to make available limited amounts of PPE at a time.

The following types of carers will be able to access the supply of PPE subject to availability:

  • Carers who provide personal care and live separately from the cared-for person.
  • Carers who provide personal care to more than 2 people where at least 1 cared-for person lives separately from the carer.
  • Carers who provide personal care to a cared-for person who may be living with the carer and who is also providing childcare (sometimes known as ‘sandwich carers’).

Personal care means any type of care that can only be provided in close proximity to the cared-for person, for example, washing, dressing, feeding, medication.

This may also include where a carer must touch their cared-for person for reassurance or guidance in cases where the cared-for person has dementia or another cognitive impairment.

To read more about how to access PPE from Devon County Council please visit: