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Keeping Warm This Winter

18th November 2019

Keeping Warm This Winter You may have noticed the beginnings of a few winter chills in the air and already started to turn the heating up at home. It can be difficult to ensure that your house stays warm during the winter while also preventing heating bills from skyrocketing. In the UK, many carers struggle...

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Time Out For Carers & Tesco’s Bags of Help

21st October 2019

Devon Carers have recently been successful in applying for Tesco’s Bags of Help scheme. This means that when you do your weekly shop, or even just popping in for a pint of milk, and you get given a plastic token at the checkout you can now choose Devon Carers Time Out For Carers as the...

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Carers Rights Day

4th October 2019

Carers Rights Day Thursday 21st November is a national event coordinated by Carers UK and is an opportunity for organisations and services to empower the carers in their community with information about their rights.   Whether you are starting your caring journey or someone who has been caring for a long time we believe it’s…

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Booking Replacement Care

12th June 2019

What do you want when you book replacement care (respite)?   Devon County Council would like to know what you would like in a replacement care booking system.  It could have the same type of features as any on-line booking or shopping application (e.g. Trivago, Amazon), and must have a method of searching for care, booking, paying for care (if relevant) and other features, such as feedback.    The system…

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