The Pod

The Pod

What is ThePod?

You will have read our publicity explaining The Pod is an online community for carers; but what does this actually mean?   You may have heard this term, or alternatives such as ‘virtual community’ or ‘internet community’.   Basically it is an online platform where members of the caring community can interact with each other virtually.

There are many platforms on social media that are online communities.  What makes The Pod important for us is that it is an online community specifically for you.

How can it benefit you?

Not all carers are able (or wish) to meet others face to face – maybe they are working, live rurally, have a complex caring role or just don’t like face to face contact.  The Pod gives you an opportunity to chat with other carers, read others stories or information that is posted.

That said, ThePod is also a great form of additional support and information for those who do participate in other types of carers services – it is a place where any carer can meet and chat virtually.

What can you do on ThePod?

Post/read comments

The home page of The Pod looks very similar to other well-known social media platforms – this is where you will see general posts from other carers as well as from professionals and The Pod team.  You can post a question or start a conversation about a subject; it doesn’t just have to be about caring, it can be about anything that is of interest.

Watch videos

Occasionally The Pod team will post videos which will have a carers theme to it.  These may be specific to certain carers (eg those who care for someone with a dementia) or more general for all carers.

Join an online group

The Pod will have a selection of open and closed online groups.

Open groups

You will be able to join a group with other carers online.  The subject of the group may be related to your caring role (eg a group for carers of people with a mental health condition) or an interest (eg a hobby).

Closed groups

As you would expect from the name, these groups are not open to all and you will need to have permission to join one of these groups (e.g.  a group for LGBTQ+ carers, who have a safe environment to chat with other carers)

In time as our community grows, so will the number of our online groups.

Start using ThePod today!