Managing your Shopping and Prescriptions

If you are unable to get out to shop there are a number of possibilities:

Online shopping

All supermarkets have increased their delivery slots, however there may be a longer than usual wait. Delivery is useful for the heavier items that are not urgent (tins etc) leaving other ways of shopping for the perishables and lighter items.  Many non-food stores are continuing to use delivery services (e.g bookshops; clothing stores).

NHS Volunteers

Contact your local GP Surgery, Pharmacy, Devon Carers or Care Direct who can arrange for a GoodSam volunteer to collect your prescription and to help with shopping. Volunteers have clear instructions on keeping themselves and you safe and will show you their GoodSam App as identification.

Please note that NHS Volunteers have been instructed NOT to take your credit or debit cards. The volunteer will ring you before they arrive to discuss how you will pay for your shopping. You can use one of the following options:

  • Click and Collect – you order online and pay online and the volunteer picks it up from the shop. All larger supermarkets use this but slots may be limited.
  • Shop local – ring the shop to order and pay by phone. The volunteer can just pick up your shopping (this is similar to click and collect but for smaller shops).
  • By prepaid card: – supermarket gift cards: You can order a card online or ask your family to get one for you. You can give the card to the volunteer and they return it to you (wiped clean) with your shopping and the receipt.

ASDA has recently introduced The Volunteer Shopping Card that you can buy online and pre load up to £150 worth of credit.

Marks and Spencer have a similar scheme called ‘We’re all in this Together’.

Please note: these are two services we are aware of, there may be other stores offering a similar scheme.  We are not able to guarantee their service nor are we recommending them.

  • Cash: Volunteers can take cash as a last resort. Put it in a plastic bag for them to pick up before they go shopping for you.

Community Groups

Many community groups are putting together help locally. You may have had a leaflet through your door. Volunteers will collect shopping or prescriptions; walk your dog or other tasks that are essential and do not put yourself or the volunteer at risk. Check how you can pay for your shopping with the volunteer. Click on this map to find your local support group:

Friends and Neighbours

We know how hard it is to accept help. However, the huge sign up to the NHS Volunteer scheme shows how much people want to help in their local communities. Make use of the kind offers from your friends and neighbours. Ensure you all follow the Government guidelines on social distancing and hand hygiene to keep safe.For further information on shopping during Coronavirus please visit:–coronavirus-advice