Devon County Council Halt Consultation on Carers Support Services

Devon County Council have been running a public consultation on proposed funding reductions to Carers Support in Devon. They have now announced that this consultation has been halted. The council have stated:

The Council greatly values its ongoing working relationship with all its stakeholders and believes it is only right, due to the volume of concerns raised, that time is taken to listen and evaluate.

With that in mind, we will halt the public consultation exercise to enable us to carefully review the various comments that have been raised from yourselves and other stakeholders.

Thank you very much for your contribution to date. The Council will be in touch with you once it has considered all the comments. If you have any further queries, please contact the consultation mailbox direct

At Devon Carers, we’d like to thank all those carers, professionals , friends, family and other members of the public who have responded to the consultation directly to Devon County Council, filled in forms to us and signed the open letter we prepared. We believe that these have had a great impact in this decision being reached.