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Having to stay in hospital is worrying for anyone and for carers these concerns can be even more complicated.  Whether you are caring for someone who is being discharged from hospital, or you are being discharged from hospital yourself and are worried about how going back home will be, it can be a difficult, unpredictable time.


How can the hospital discharge service help me?


The purpose of Devon Carers Hospital Discharge Service is to offer you, the carer, additional support in coping with an unexpected admission into hospital.  This service looks to address concerns arising from the possible increase in caring responsibilities for you following the discharge to home of the person that you look after. We also aim to provide support for you if you find yourself having an unexpected stay in hospital which has then limited your ability to provide care in a safe manner, or where returning to your previous levels of caring could even hinder your recuperation.


How can I register for the service?


  • Carers must register with Devon Carers and be willing to undertake a Carers Assessment.


  • If you know when you or the person you care for are going into hospital, please get in touch.  We can also accept referrals for the service from yourself up to ten days after the date of discharge, or from a professional up to fifteen days after date of discharge.


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  • Alternatively you can contact us by webchat, email or helpline.


Who is eligible?


  • This scheme is primarily for new carers who have not had Hospital Discharge support from us in the past.
  •  Support is available to carers aged 18 and over who are caring for an adult or a child.
  • Not all carers will be eligible for the scheme and as such not every carer will be able to access support under the scheme.  New referrals will be triaged to assess suitability and if hospital discharge support is not appropriate we will refer the carer for support and advice, which can be accessed by completing a telephone assessment or through one-to-one support from a Carers Support Officer.


What will happen once I am registered?


Following registration with the service you are allocated a dedicated Hospital Discharge worker who will contact you at regular fortnightly intervals for the first six weeks of discharge.  We are able to support the carer for a maximum of 6 weeks (depending on the individual needs presented).


If at any time during this period you are finding things difficult the Hospital Discharge worker can provide more regular support, advice, guidance and advocacy, as well as access to Devon Carers services.

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