How to identify an unpaid carer

Signs of an unpaid carer

The following are examples and scenarios in which you could identify someone being an unpaid carer:

  • Signs of physical and mental strain. This could be a lack of personal care, a change in appearance, tiredness, fluctuating emotions.
  • Multiple phone calls – Someone you’re with mentions or receives multiple phone calls. They’re providing emotional support over the phone, organising shopping and appointments. The aller may be experiencing memory problems, forgetting they’ve already called.
  • Lateness, absences, or disengaged at work.
  • No time for social activities – cancelling plans, too busy doing things for other people.
  • Unable to keep on top of everyday tasks such as housework or grocery shopping.
  • Helping someone with personal care, for example washing and dressing.

If you encounter anyone in these situations it is worth asking them if they have thought about what support may be available to them and providing them with Devon Carers contact information.

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    How to Identify an Unpaid Carer

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