Learning Disability

Learning Disabilities

Total communication now – East 

The Total Communication Now service in this area is only provided for adults with learning disabilities. Please contact Sarah Amoah (sarahamoah@nhs.net) for details. http://totalcommunicationnow.org/ 


Total communication now – South

Total Communication Now is a community based service which promotes the use of all communication skills. We offer practical advice and support for anyone with a communication disability or difficulty, their family, carers or support staff. We can help make individualised visual resources for children or adults in order for them to become more independent communicators. We offer a personalised service on an appointment basis as well as providing opportunities for people to attend a range of workshops. We also welcome interest from local businesses and services within the community. We can provide advice and support in creating easy read materials and more generalised resources within public buildings.


Devon Information Advice and Support Service

Provides children and young people from 0-25 who have special eduction needs or disabilities, and their parents and carers, with legally based and easy accessible information about education, health and social care. This is a free confidential and impartial service.


Total communication now – North 

The Total Communication Now service in this area is only provided for adults with learning disability. Please contact Anne Kershaw (anne.kershaw3@nhs.net) for details. http://totalcommunicationnow.org 


Abbey Gateway Club

A club to support adults with a learning disability in the North Devon area.



Audience Club Exeter

The Audience Club provides an opportunity for adults with learning disabilities to access a wide range of cultural events across Exeter.



Brandon Trust

Brandon Trust is a UK charity working across Southern England supporting approximately 1,600 children and adults with learning disabilities and autism, ensuring people we support are connected in their community and wider society. They are also encouraging and equipping more people they support to live in their own homes; as well as ensuring that everyone with a learning disability has the right and the capacity to have their voice heard.



Dame Hannah Rogers Trust

Based in Ivybridge, the community hub provides information and support for people with learning disabilities’ organising events and linking people with similar interests.




Mencap also provide FamilyHub an online community for parents and family carers, a useful online forum to browse for popular subjects relating to learning disabilities, chat to other people in a similar situation and ask experts advice.


Don’t Miss out

Mencap , in partnership with NHS England, has launched a new animation called Don’t Miss Lout to raise awareness of the importance for people with a learning disability to be on their GP’s learning disability register.



Down South

Downsouth is the affiliated branch of the Down’s Syndrome Association for South Devon. They are a friendly parent-led group set up to support children and adults with Down’s Syndrome and their families, carers and friends. As well as offering support and information they also organise events throughout the year.



Helen Hillard Dance

Dance Along classes for adults with learning disabilites. Attendees may be accompaniedby a support worker or carer if needed.



Kaleidoscope South Hams 

The creativity hub is a place to meet up with friends and have a drink. There are jigsaws to complete, colouring, newpapers and books to read.



Leap of faith 

Leap of Faith provide outdoor adventurous activities for a range of people with various abilities, including those individuals or groups with a disability or additional needs. I have a very patient, fun loving demeanour and will use my ability to build a rapport with participants to gain trust and improve the confidence of individuals.



Northam Lodge

This is a charity that supports people with learning and physical disabilities as well as their carers. They provide a variety of activities including trips out, swimming, arts and crafts, dance and drama as well as important life skills.



The Plough Prism

An exciting weekly drama workshop for adults with disabilities at The Plough Arts Centre. Supported by The Clare Milne Trust. £3.50 per participant



Robins respite and Life Skills Centre

The Life Skills Academy is a free, informal residential programme for young people with learning disabilities aged between 12 and 18 years. The programme is designed to compliment and support the education and training students are receiving at school and at home, while focusing on specific issues that may be delaying their progress. The ten-week course offers the opportunity for six young people per term to develop their independence, social skills and confidence.



The turning tides project

The aim of The Turning Tides Project is to make equal access to music, the arts and life a reality for people with ‘learning disability’ or ‘autism’ labels in Devon.


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