Helpful Zoom tips for carers

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues we are looking are increasing our use of online video conferencing software to help us keep in contact with you. This will enable us to provide live, real-time training courses and support groups. Please read the tips below and ensure you are familiar with using Zoom before you attend any of our online sessions.

By accessing our free Zoom sessions you are agreeing to accepting responsibility to keep yourself safe whilst you are taking part. A Zoom Risk Assessment checklist is available here.

Check your user name

Please check the Zoom user name on your device, if this is different to your name or email, inform us before the date of the session, to allow us to check you in on the day.

Accessing Zoom

To access Zoom go to on your internet browser (Google Chrome/Apple Safari/Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge)

If you have not used Zoom before, create an account by clicking on the Sign Up, It’s Free icon. Fill in your details, sign up with your email address and create a password in advance of joining one of our sessions

Download Zoom

You have the option to download Zoom or to access it from your browser:

To download: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Download in the web page’s footer. Click Download under the Zoom Client for Meetings section. The Zoom app will then begin downloading. You should then click on the .exe file to begin the installation process. Once installed, you will need to log into your Zoom account. Downloading Zoom gives you a better quality online experience but it isn’t necessary to do this as you can access it from your browser instead.

You may have downloaded Zoom previously, keep your desktop app regularly up to date to ensure the latest Zoom software, with the updated safety measures.

Access Zoom online

If you don’t want to download Zoom software onto your device: follow the instructions below by using any of the following browsers:
Google Chrome/Apple Safari/Mozilla Firefox) In the search bar type in

Look out for the small text line at the bottom, click on join from browser and access the session without downloading software to your device. After your online session you can delete cookies from your browser, to ensure they are no longer stored on your device. Using Zoom in your browser may not give as good functionality as running it on the Zoom app, but will still ensure a good experience

Join a Zoom session

  • Join the Zoom session a few minutes before it is due to start. If you have signed up for an account click on Sign In. Sign in with your email address and password. Also follow the reCAPTCHA security instructions
  • Select Join meeting and enter the id and password or click on the Zoom link provided in the email by the meeting host (will normally be Devon Carers, you will be advised if it will be sent by an external organisation)
  • The host of your Zoom session will let you into the session there may be a slight delay as you will be in the Waiting Room and all carers are let in individually (to ensure everyone who is attending is on our register)
  • You will need to enable your video and mic (click on the camera and mic icons on the bottom left hand side so it doesn’t have a red line through it) to join in with other carers. Your host will let you know if you need to disable your mic at any time

We will be working to the times stated in our email to you. We are not able to extend the time the session runs as other sessions will be following.

Exiting Zoom

When to session has finished please click on leave and you will exit the session.


In order to safeguard all carers, everyone attending a Zoom session agrees to:

  • Not share the session id/password with anyone else or to make it public
  • Not record or photograph any session
  • Not share the conversations that take place in sessions
  • Be courteous to the facilitator and other carers at all times.

Our facilitators reserve the right to remove you if they feel you are not responding to the above.

We hope that you very much enjoy your online session, please let us know your feedback!