Things you can say or ask to help establish if someone is an unpaid carer

Things to say or ask a person that can help establish if they are an unpaid carer:

  • Do you pick up prescriptions for someone else?
  • Are you doing the shopping for another person?
  • Do you help out a friend, relative or neighbour who couldn’t manage without your support?
  • Are you unable to spend time doing things you enjoy because you are supporting someone else?
  • Do you know about the support that Devon Carers provides?
  • Did you know you may be able to get help to access information and advice around your finances and benefits?
  • Are you in need of emotional support?
  • Are you juggling work with looking after someone?
  • Is there anything about your own health that worries you?

These conversation starters/questions will help unpaid carers open-up about their caring responsibilities and enable you to give them Devon Carers contact information. You can also download a copy to give to others who may encounter unpaid carers and would like to help.

Download a copy of these questions / conversation starters

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