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What you do is unique to you, we understand that. There are many young adults like yourself, looking after a family member or friend, many who contact us for support. People here too, are or have been in the same position. It’s ok to ask for help, anytime.

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59% say

…their mental health is worse since Coronavirus

Hours per week

20% have

…seen their time increase of more than 30 hours pwk

No break

42% will

…not have had a break

*Source: Carers Trust 2020

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We all need time to ourselves. Maybe listening to music, getting out of the home to clear our head or just space to ask someone a question.

If you register with Devon Carers, it only takes about 30 seconds, then you can find out what help and support is available to you or someone in your family.

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“Over the years there have been a number of services that have helped me as I’ve transitioned from being a full-time carer to a working carer. I received Carers Allowance from the Department of Work and Pensions, and whilst this was not a significant amount it did help me to manage financially during a difficult period.”

James, Devon

Carer for his mum, on getting back to work whilst continuing to care.
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Lily has got support for her mum. Each week, it gives her a break.


Rashid works early mornings, he’ll message us on Web Chat. No time to talk, much easier for him.

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Alex is at Uni, well, is trying to study at home. Late at night is their time, during the day they are looking after Dad. It’s a long day.

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“I help out with my younger brother, mum gets a bit stressed at times. I asked DC about money, as we didn’t have a laptop. Now we do and Mum is happier.”

Olivia, Devon