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Book Reviews From Carers

Finding your way: Caring for yourself while caring for someone else, by Verran Townsend, reviewed by carer Linda Shannon:


This is such a lovely, powerful book, written in a simple but enigmatic style.  It covers the period when a health issue of his wife, Karen, was first identified and as her illness progresses, Verran moves into a long-term caring role.  Their lives were no longer the ‘normal’ they were accustomed to.  As their world gradually changed, Verran came up with thought-provoking tips and coping strategies. He highlights the importance of carers having time and space for their own wellbeing to remain mentally and physically fit and provide compassionate care.

His ideas and solutions aid him in the challenges of caring towards the end of life pathway – some as simple as to cry, accept support and help offered by others. He also suggests trying to maintain some semblance of normality by finding time for hobbies, opportunities for fresh air and exercise, and not being afraid to talk about bereavement – which will resonate with all of us as carers.

This book has been published by Rippling Print and can be purchased from Amazon

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