Strengthening support for male carers

We want to ensure that all carers can benefit from the support we offer. To that end we have identified some groups of carers who we know we have to work harder to reach.

For example we know male carers do not access our services as much as female carers. Many male carers do not describe or acknowledge themselves as a carer to others, meaning they may not get the support they need. And many male carers feel that their needs different to those of female carers; they may find it harder to ask for help and support; and balancing work and caring is particularly challenging if they are the main earner.

In developing our new service we will be working with male carers and groups to develop a plan to ensure that this is achieved.

We will identify staff who will act as local champions for the needs of male carers and help to deliver the plans, which will include:

  • Training for staff and volunteers
  • Community based outreach work and publicity
  • Carers support groups and other activities/events

If you have ideas or suggestions for how we can improve our work with male carers please get in touch – we are very keen to hear from you.