Young Adult Carers Ages 18-24 Years

What is a young adult carer?

If you’re aged 18-24 and provide a substantial amount of care for a loved one, you could be a young adult carer.

This care can include everyday tasks such as shopping and household tasks, as well as physical care and help with taking medications.

Being a young adult carer can be particularly challenging and can have a big impact on some of the most important times in a young person’s life. Devon Carers provide support for young adult carers, from providing information on conditions and illnesses through to enabling you to take time out from caring by accessing specialist services.

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What we can help with:

We can help you understand your options and provide support with things such as education and training, employment and housing.

We work with Bright Futures: to help support young adult carers.

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“I help out with my younger brother, mum gets a bit stressed at times. I asked DC about money, as we didn’t have a laptop. Now we do and mum is happier.” Olivia, Devon


Some of the services we provide:

Time for you sitting service

This service enables carers to take time out while their loved one is spending time with a volunteer. You can find out more about this service here:

Carers Break Fund

The fund can be used for a range of different reasons, from paying towards a night away, to helping purchase items such as a smartphone or laptop. You need to be registered with us to apply, which you can do by filling out the form HERE or by using our live chat or our helpline 03456 434 435, Monday to Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 9am-1pm.

Find out more here:

Carer Alert Card

Do you have someone at home who needs you? Carry this card with you so that if something happens to you while you are out and about, emergency services will be alerted to your role as a carer.

Find out more here:


We have a range of courses, both online and face-to-face. These cover subjects from IT and practical help, to emotional support and wellbeing for carers. You can find out more here: