Carers Rights Day

Thursday 25th November 2021

Whether you are a new carer or have been caring for a while, we believe it is important you are aware of your rights and can access the support available to you, at the time, you may need it.

Know Your Rights, the theme for Carers Rights Day 2021, is about:

  • making carers aware of their rights
  • letting carers know where to get help and support
  • raising awareness of the needs of carers

As unpaid carers, you need to know your rights wherever you are in your caring journey: whether you are in the workplace, in a healthcare setting, when interacting with professionals or, at home. We want to empower carers with information and support, so you can feel confident asking for what you need. We also want carers to know how to challenge things, if their rights are not being met.

Timetable of activities

Email to book a place on a session.

10am to 11amDementia Workshop:
– When the person you care for does not recognise they need help
11am to 12pm
Citizens Advice
Debt Advice:
– How to identify debt
– Who to approach for support
– How to maximise resources (understand the different options for dealing with debt) and minimise expenditure
12pm to 1pm
Catherine St John, Social Worker
Communicating with Health and Social Care Professionals:
– Understanding the language of health and social care (jargon busting)
– Who is who and what they do (professionals’ titles not named individuals)
– Giving the right information in the right way
– Top tips on being heard
2pm to 3pm
Your Rights at Work:
– Requesting flexible working
– Protection from discrimination
– Time off in emergencies
– Right to parental leave
– Support in work
– Thinking of leaving work
– Thinking of returning to work
3pm to 4pm
Citizens Advice
DWP Benefits:
– What are the different types of benefits?
– How to find eligibility criteria
– How to access benefit calculators
– Means tested and non-means tested benefits
3pm to 4pmThoughts, Feelings and Challenges of Caring Workshop (Dementia):
Have you ever given yourself the time to sit and think about your thoughts and feelings on being a carer for someone with dementia?

In this session we will:
– Give you space to talk about your thoughts and feelings on caring for someone with dementia
– Explore the challenges you face and look at strategies to help you manage those challenges
5pm to 6pm
Gina Williams, Occupational Therapist
Technology to Help You and the Person You Care For:
– Types of equipment
– Assistive technology
– Do I need an assessment and, if so, how do I do this?
– Where to purchase equipment?
– How to dispose of technology and equipment when I no longer need it