Your Carers Passport

All the information you need about you and your role, in one place. Register with Devon Carers to get your Carers Passport now.

We are proud to be a part of the nationally recognised carers passport scheme.

What is a Carers Passport?

A Carers passport highlights your role and responsibilities as a carer. Completing the information section in the information booklet helps you to be quickly identified as a carer, and can make it easier for you to have conversations with your employer, educational organisation, GP etc. so they can easily and quickly understand any additional support or flexibility you need and help you to feel recognised and supported.

The information booklet has been co-produced with Carer Ambassadors. It contains essential information, contact numbers, and useful hints and tips on a range of subjects from being an expert partner in care to what your rights are at work.

The passport also includes your Devon Carers ID card. Your Devon carers card shows that you are a registered carer with Devon Carers. You can use your carer card to access a range of benefits and discounts that are available through the Carer Friendly Devon scheme.

For the most current and accurate information about the benefits and discounts available for carers.


The Carers Passport can also include your Devon Carers Alert Card although we would recommend you keep this somewhere like your wallet or purse, where someone may look in an emergency. The card provides information to alert a 24-hour call centre that the person you look after might need help.

We provide a handy wallet for all of the above to be kept in

Register with Devon Carers now to get yours.

How do I get a Carers Passport?

If you have not yet registered with Devon Carers, complete the form here. If you have already registered with us and already have a carers card and/or Carers Alert Card, contact us to get your Carers Passport.

We will keep you updated about changes to the Carers Passport in Devon scheme, such as Expert Partner in Care (EPiC) training and a mental health information guide.
If you are no longer in an unpaid caring role, please return your Carers Passport to Devon Carers, Farm House Rise, Exminster, Devon, EX6 8AT