Escalation Plan

Have you considered what might happen in the future? Being prepared whatever may come next will give you peace of mind and help ease any worries.

This plan is designed to encourage you to think about predictable changes. The document allows you to record likely changes and the actions you might need to take.

The purpose is to allow you to think about the future and what additional support might be required, at a time when you have sufficient space to think meaningfully about what you can and can’t do, and discuss what this might look like with the person you care for.

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Escalation Plan

Where shall I keep my Escalation Plan?

We recommend you store your ‘Escalation Plan’ in your home where you can find it and review it every year. Not only does this ensure that all the details are still correct but allows you to think about how things have changed since you create the plan.

Why not make a note on your calendar as a reminder to review your plan!