The campaign

Did you know that 61% (79,300 in Devon) of unpaid carers said they had suffered physical ill health as a result of caring and that 80% (104,000 in Devon) of unpaid carers have felt lonely or socially isolated?

The number of unpaid carers in the UK has nearly doubled since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, with an estimated 130,000 providing care in Devon. We want you to help us reach and support as many unpaid carers in Devon as possible.

Together we can help make a difference to thousands of lives.

“1 in 2 unpaid carers suffer from depression”


Download a copy of the campaign booklet here.

The campaign booklet contains all the campaign information, including the target audiences, monthly activities and things to help you when talking to unpaid carers.

Who are unpaid carers?

Our experience has highlighted that many people may not see themselves or another person as an unpaid carer. An unpaid carer is someone who gives their time to support or look after a family member, friend, or neighbour.

This may be due to an illness, condition, frailty, disability, Covid-19 or post hospital care. It could be on a regular basis or occasionally.

Get helping now

As someone who regularly interacts with people, you will be meeting unpaid carers who need or already receive support. This pack will help you identify and pass on information to someone who may be an unpaid carer. You can start using it straight away.

Tom O'Flaherty of Exeter Chiefs

Tom O’Flaherty, of Exeter Chiefs, in support of Devon Carers

Exeter Chiefs Winger, Tom O’Flaherty, is working with Devon Carers to raise awareness of the vital role unpaid carers play in helping their family, friends and neighbours across Devon.

His involvement is part of a new unpaid carer campaign, commissioned by Devon County Council and run by FamilyCarersNet, that will be reaching out to people who may not see themselves as an unpaid carer, so they become aware of the tailored help and support available from Devon Carers. Through their social enterprise work FamilyCarersNet have inspired the new tripartite relationship and brought together Devon Carers and Exeter Chiefs for mutual benefit.

“It’s great to be involved with Devon Carers and raising awareness to so many people who are unpaid carers about the support that is available to them.  I hope that through this partnership and my additional efforts, we can increase carer-awareness to a new audience and reach people who may not necessarily consider themselves to be a carer.”

Tom O’Flaherty, Exeter Chiefs

Why it is important for you to get involved

Early intervention is key. Many unpaid carers only reach out for help when they are at breaking point. By providing them with information before they get to that point, they’ll have what they need to enable them to seek help earlier. This has a positive impact on their lives, the person they support as well as wider health and public services.

Passing the information on

It’s simple…

  • When you meet somebody who you feel may be an unpaid carer, pass them Devon Carers’ contact information.
  • Using the pre-created posts and messages on social media and tag @DevonCarers or use #DevonCarers.
  • Check the Devon Carers’ monthly email with updates, initiatives, awareness days, community engagement and insights of campaign impact.
  • Share with colleagues, other professionals, customers, family and friends.
  • Put up an A5 card in local shops, cafes, hairdressers, barbers, surgeries, community centres, work places, places of worship and town halls.


You can use the downloads below to help share information about the campaign. Sharing on social media, putting up a postcard in your workplace, local shop, hairdressers, community centres etc. are all great ways to get information about the campaign out to unpaid carers.


Download high-res printable PDFs below.

Social media

You can use the below images and suggested text to share information about the campaign. Each image has been sized of each platform to make them even easier for you to use. All you need to do is download the image and copy and paste the wording. Remember to use the hashtag #DevonCarers and/or tag @DevonCarers in your own posts.

How to use these social media posts:

  1. Click on the image you want to use
  2. Save the image on your computer
  3. Copy the text below the image
  4. Open the social media platform you are using
  5. Upload the image and paste the text

We are here to help everyone, including the thousands of carers from ethnic minority communities in Devon. Find out more here:

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Devon Carers are here to help. Contact us:

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