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We offer a wide range of virtual courses where you can meet up with other unpaid carers to discuss a variety of subjects, to help support you in your caring role. These online courses will take place on Zoom and are open to any carer 18+, who cares for an adult to attend.

To book your place on any of the courses below please email your name and date of birth with the course title and date you’d like to attend to:

NB: No place is booked until you have received an email from the training team confirming this.

If you need any assistance to help you to access Zoom we may be able to offer you IT Support, but this must be booked well in advance of the course. Please contact our Helpline to request this assistance 03456 434 435, email or click on the ‘Ask’ button on our homepage and chat online with our Helpline.

Please read our helpful tips and guidelines on using Zoom before attending any of our online sessions here.

CourseCourse InfoDay, Date & Time
Basic First AidLearning basic first aid is essential for every day caring roles to give you the confidence to act in a practical and safe way, should a medical emergency arise.
This live, real-time Zoom session will:
  • Offer a Q&A session for first aid related questions
  • Guide you in what to do when approaching the scene of an emergency/first aid situation and decision making to manage the situation effectively
Thursday 11th February
Friday 30th April

10.30am – 12 noon
Caring for Carers
Three session course
When you are caring for others it can become quite easy to forget about your own health and wellbeing, but it is important that you don’t!
This live, real-time three week course will:
  • Help you to manage your caring role and to stay well
  • Discover what type of carer you are and how this impacts on your caring role
  • Help you identify and manage stress
  • Look at the effects of caring and find coping strategies
  • Create a contingency plan in order that you can have peace of mind when anything unexpected or urgent happens
Wednesday 7th April
Wednesday 14th April
Wednesday 21st April

10.00am – 11.00am
How to identify a Financial ScamWe are currently seeing an increase in COVID-19 related scams over the phone, online and face-to-face which means we and the people we care for are becoming even more vulnerable to financial abuse.
We are joined by a representative from Natwest for this live, real-time online Zoom session and will:
  • Make you aware of the different types of scams we are currently facing
  • Help to prevent you being scammed and discuss ways to protect you, your family and friends
  • Help you to protect your money
  • Answer any questions around the subject of scamming
Thursday 18th February

10.30am – 11.30am
Looking After You; Looking After your RelationshipWhen we care for people we need to ensure we look after our relationship with them, but also with our family and friends and at times this can be very difficult to maintain.
This live, real-time online Zoom session will:
  • Look at being a carer especially when you look after someone with a long-term condition, where we take on added responsibility for providing the increased support they need.
  • Consider how spending more time with those we care for can impact greatly on our relationships with them, family and friends.
  • Discuss strategies to enable us to pay greater attention to our relationships to help avoid breakdowns in times of stress.
  • Give time to explore what is important to us as individuals and in our relationship
Tuesday 23rd February

10.30am – 12 noon
Managing StressCaring can be very rewarding but also stressful at the same time. We will look at stress, its causes, symptoms and a variety of ways of limiting its effect. We will use a variety of techniques, tools and toys to find methods that work for you.
This live, real-time Zoom session will:
  • Discuss the awareness of stress, its symptoms and how it affects us
  • Develop an understanding of mindfulness and resilience
  • Equip learners with mindfulness coping strategies to help support them to manage stress and build resilience to stress
  • Identify the point when further assistance may be needed.
  • Guide you on what to do if they are feeling overly stressed and where to get further support and advice
Wednesday 20th January
Wednesday 17th March
Friday 9th April

10.30am – 12 noon
Relaxation and Wellbeing from a setting in nature, with mindfulness practisesWould you like to enjoy the beauty of nature whilst learning Mindfulness techniques?
This live, real-time Zoom session will:
  • Include a guided meditation
  • Give you strategies to help you let go of your worries and find peace and joy in the moment
  • Offer you time to reflect and share your experience with others
Wednesday 10th March
Friday 16th April

2.00pm - 3.30pm
Thoughts Feelings & ChallengesHave you ever given yourself the time to sit and think about your thoughts and feelings on being a carer?
This live, real-time session will:
  • Give you space to talk about your thoughts and feelings on being a carer
  • Allow you to explore the challenges you face and look at strategies to help you manage those challenges
Thursday 4th March
Tuesday 4th May

10.30am – 12.30pm
Sleep WorkshopDo you have trouble sleeping? This workshop will enable carers who are looking to improve the quality of their sleep patterns to chat through related issues with other carers.
This live, real-time online Zoom session will:
  • Allow an informal discussion to identify sleep problems
  • Find solutions that carers need to get a good night’s sleep
Wednesday 17th February
Monday 12th April

10.30am – 12.30pm
Unpaid Carers and the MenopauseCaring for others can be very stressful but with the added mental and physical pressures of the menopause, it can make coping even more challenging.
This live, real-time session will:
  • Allow you to talk about the issues that you face with the menopause
  • Discuss strategies to cope with the identified issues and how this will enable you to cope with your caring role
Tuesday 30th March

10.30am – 12.30pm

Dementia Related Courses

CourseCourse InfoDay, Date & Time
Causes of distress, agitation and its impact for those living with DementiaThose living with dementia can experience agitation, which can be brought about by external factors.
This live, real-time session will:
  • Look at distress and agitation, and what causes this
  • Cause and effect of pain, fear, depression, boredom, hunger and thirst
  • Look at delirium, which can be mistaken for dementia
Thursday 25th March

10.30am – 12 noon
Dementia and Effective CommunicationCaring for people with dementia can be very difficult as we slowly see them struggle with everyday tasks including their communication skills. But in order to communicate with them more effectively we need to improve our own communication skills.
This live, real-time Zoom session will:
  • Look at five different types of dementia
  • Discuss problems with communication and how to avoid miscommunication issues
  • Chat about problems experienced by asking questions
Thursday 25th February

10.30am – 12 noon
Dementia and the EnvironmentPeople living with dementia can be affected by environmental factors.
This live, real-time Zoom session will:
  • Look at the environmental factors that affect people with dementia
  • Discuss problems with depth perspective eg why a person can’t see the food on their plate/patterned carpets
  • Talk about stored and working memory
  • Discuss the Importance of routine and sleep
Thursday 22nd April

10.30m – 12 noon

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